At Huntingtown UMC we worship the Lord in varied and creative ways.
Always true to Scripture, we strive to illuminate the Word through drama and storytelling. We’d love to
have you join us in Readers Theatre, Storytelling or skits to enhance the Word and shed light
on God’s message. For more information, contact our Creative Arts Director, Debbie Weir.

Media Ministry



                Media Volunteers:
  • Provide audio support at the Celebration Service
  • Provide visual support at the Celebration Service
  • Provide audio/visual support at non-worship events, such as funerals, special events, etc.
             Biblical Storytellers:
  • Internalize the text
  • Interpret the text through embodiment of the Word
  • Invite the congregation into the story
               Drama Participants:
  • Interpret and illuminate the scripture message
  • Provide a dramatic or comedic slant to the message
  • Use memorized scripts or Readers Theatre dialogues