Who among you has ever attended a hot tub expo…?

…and were tempted to buy one?
Last Saturday I noticed several signs on Route 2. With bright bold red letters they announced a hot tub expo taking place that weekend. Hot tubs were being sold at a sharply reduced price. These small square white signs communicated a sense of urgency, as the sale was a one time opportunity.

New Sermon Series: Joseph’s Secret to Success

A successful career. A successful church. A successful life. Who doesn’t want success?
Joseph (in the book of Genesis) was successful. He became second in command of the most powerful empire in the world, and saved an entire civilization from certain destruction. However, these are not why he should be considered a success. In fact, one could argue that Joseph did not pursue success at all – he only pursued God.

Who Needs (the Gridiron) God?

If football is a religion, as some have argued, then here is what a skeptic might sound like:

Does it Matter Where We Shop?

“The wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you.” James 5:4

Ten years ago I joined a Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA), and members were given the opportunity to meet the farmers growing the produce. I’ll never forget what one of them said: “Whenever you save money on food, you are probably costing someone somewhere.”

Should We Complain to God?

We live in a world that breeds discontent. We are bombarded with the message that to be happy we need more things, fewer wrinkles and better vacations. We also live in a world of sin, violence, sickness and death.
Jesus calls us to constant prayer (Luke 11:9-10), but what about our complaints? 

How Desperate are We?

We associate the words “rock bottom” to describe disgraced politicians, drug addicts, alcoholics or anyone who experiences the consequences for their actions. The words can also describe anyone experiencing disappointment, frustration or depression. Stephen Covey names two things that motivate people to make dramatic changes in their lives: inspiration and desperation. There is tremendous power in hitting a low-point in life, because it can force us to consider serious changes.

Can Success Be Dangerous?

Whether it be in the classroom, the business world, the ball field or the mission field, success can be exhilarating. There is satisfaction from knowing that your hard work has paid off, your goals have been met and the outcomes have met (or even exceeded) your expectations. Just ask LeBron James, Mark Zuckerberg or the pastor of a 5,000+ member church.
Consider the 72 people sent by Jesus on a risky mission.


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