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Illness, Pain and Reviving the Church

People are overwhelmed by sickness, injury and pain. Doctor visits, medical treatments, hospital stays, new medications, grief, loss and distress. They all bring suffering, test one’s faith and limit one’s ability to serve.

What Do People Know About Us?

The story of the lion’s den is the most well known story in the Book of Daniel. The most important part of the story is not God’s deliverance, but Daniel’s witness.

Tree Surgeons, Jesus and the Church

Like a tree with dying branches, churches must go through a process of “pruning their programs” in order to thrive.

Are Christians Persecuted?

On May 11th, Vice President Mike Pence warned a crowd of Liberty University students to prepare to be shunned for their faith.

Are There Zombies in the Church?

Jesus didn’t use the word “zombie,” but he seemed to have a category for religious people who did not realize they are spiritually dead.

Is the Resurrection Ridiculous?

The 1st Christians weren’t illiterate peasants who in 33 AD were so gullible that they didn’t know that corpses don’t rise from the dead.

Can Churches Perform Miracles

What if Jesus’ words were also meant for the modern Church? Not just His theology and ethics, but also his promises that His people will perform signs and miracles through the power of the Holy Spirit?

Is Splitting Up All Bad?

We need partners in ministry. The Great Commission is not a solo mission. Churches, not individuals, are God’s primary instrument for transforming the world. We need brothers and sisters in Christ, but what happens when irreconcilable conflicts occur?

Is the Traditional Plan Biblical?

Our official position still states that homosexuality is “incompatible with Christian teaching.” Proponents of “The Traditional Plan” insist that the real issue is not homosexuality, but biblical interpretation.

Is Prayer the Key to Unity?

Sometimes a body of Christians pray, and they find unity and agreement. Sometimes a body of Christians pray, and they come to contradictory conclusions and fight.


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