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Katie Zinkgraf, March 28, 2020 - 4:15 pm

Dear Lord, We pray that you please grant us peace of mind and calm our troubled hearts during this time when the world is struggling and broken. We pray for health Dear Lord, We Pray for Healing Dear Lord, and we pray for our families, our friends, and for the world. Help us Lord to just be still, during this time of staying indoors and being homebound. Help us to hear you and listen to your words. We know you are always with us. Lord, we know you are never on quarantine, Love is never on quarantine, our Hope is never on quarantine, our Faith is never on quarantine. Lord help us turn to you, continue seeking you, trust your will, and follow you. We know you are always with us and nothing can separate us from you. No quarantine can take away our love, our hope, our faith, our God. We thank you Lord for all you have done, all you do, and all you continue to do in our lives. In Jesus Name we Pray Amen.