Huntingtown United Methodist Church

Methodism in Calvert County dates back to the late 1700’s when communities were served by traveling preachers. The forerunner of Methodist churches in Huntingtown may have been the Hunting Creek Church situated near the site of Young’s Memorial Chapel on Hunting Creek Road south of our current location. Sometime around 1840 the Manor Woods Church was built on what is now the Miranda site. The congregation of Hunting Creek Church moved to Manor Woods, leaving their old building to African-American Methodists.

As the American nation became divided over the issue of slavery during the mid 1800’s, Methodists in Huntingtown reflected this discord. The congregation of Manor Woods split into two factions, one supporting northern abolitionism and the other having southern sympathies. Both groups continued to use the same building however alternating services every other Sunday.

Around 1870, the southern Methodists left Manor Woods to meet in a blacksmith shop and in member’s homes. In 1873 this congregation erected a building called Calvary on Hunting Creek Road, at the site of our present church. In 1884, the Manor Woods Church was renamed Miranda Memorial, in honor of Miranda Harrison, whose son gave a large memorial window to the church.

In the 1920’s the Calvary structure was razed and a new building was constructed (the Sanctuary). A movement toward reconciliation between Miranda and Calvary began, and in 1941 the parishes reunited. They met at Calvary, and renamed the church Huntingtown Methodist, the name seen today in stained glass over the doorway at the sanctuary entrance. The Miranda building was dismantled and donated to another congregation. Cemeteries are maintained at both Huntingtown UMC and the Miranda site.

Nationally in 1968, the United Methodist Church came about as a result of a merger between the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren. Thus Huntingtown Methodist became Huntingtown United Methodist Church.

The first edition of the History of Huntingtown United Methodist Church is available. It covers over 200 years of Methodism in Calvert County, HUMC, and the Huntingtown area. It also includes colored pictures of the stained glass windows with the lineage of each. The books are for sale for $25 each. If you are interested in purchasing one or more, please contact the church office (410-257-3020) or Esther Cox (410-535-0694).