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Children, youth and adults all have opportunity to be of assistance to the worshiping community.
  • Serve at the 9 AM worship service
  • Ages 9 through 13
  • Training provided
  • For more information, contact Joanne Bosworth
  • Communion stewards serve on the first Sunday of the month
  • At both the Sanctuary (9 am) and Celebration (10:30 am) worship
  • For more information, contact:                  
  • Patty Schartner          (for Sanctuary worship)
  •  Pamela Williams          (for Celebration worship)
  • Serve every Sunday on a rotating schedule.
  • Two each at  both the Sanctuary  (9 am) and Celebration (10:30 am) worship                              
  • Serve at the 9 AM worship service
  • Act as worship leaders
  • Training provided
Media Ministry

Are you a techie? Or a techie wannabe?

Is God calling you to media ministry?

We’d love to have you serve in our Media Ministry, running the worship software or audio components.

Time requirement is approximately one Sunday a month.

We can train you to operate the equipment/software. We have a place for you, too!
Contact: Debbie Weir