Will God Protect Me From Temptation?

The true nature of our faith doesn’t usually come to light until we are faced with our own weaknesses.

Should Churches Be Large?

Christians admire mega churches and corporation-sized non-profits. They have amazing capacity to take on large projects and deliver the goods. Both have a large capacity for innovation and setting trends.

How Can We Always Be Happy?

Sometimes we struggle to grasp the biblical view of joy because of the way it is described today. We might confuse joy with happiness. 

Does God Ever Ignore Us?

Sometimes we can say that God answers prayers. Sometimes we wonder why God doesn’t answer us. The Bible teaches us that there are specific things in our lives that hinder prayers.

Moses, the Burning Bush, and Choosing a Major

The question for the Christian is more than, “What do I want to do when I grow up?” When pursuing a vocation, we should ask, “Am I doing with my life what God wants me to do?”

What Did Jesus Do on the First Holy Saturday?

While the Bible offers no explicit answer to that question, that didn’t stop the earliest Christians from gleaning all they could from all relevant Scriptures, and eventually including the phrase “He descended into hell”  in The Apostles’ Creed. 

Zacchaeus and The Disadvantages of Being Short

As I prepare for this Sunday’s sermon about Zacchaeus, my mind keeps wandering. What was it like being short in biblical times?

Can Christians Be Certain?

Can we be certain when it comes to our knowledge of God? Or is there room for doubt and confusion?

Why Can’t We Perfect? (Like Jesus Said.)

Imagine how wonderful it would be if we all did this. I would not lose patience with my children. I would listen more deeply to my wife. I would not give into temptation and eat the forbidden fruit in the pantry at midnight. My sermons would always end on time, and all of my relationships would be healthy and wholesome.

The Compassion of Judas Iscariot

During Holy Week we recall the events leading up to Christ’s crucifixion, and the men who played a part in having him executed: The religious aristocracy, Pontius Pilate and even one of Jesus’ closest followers.


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